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Claudia Akel is an artist and designer from Cartagena. Coming from a family dedicated to jewelry, throughout her life she has directed her talent and creativity to create special pieces loaded with an insuperable cultural value.

Cultural Tribute

Our ancestors are that essence that we carry deep in our roots, it was the dose that detonated cultural centuries and millennial identities, hence their importance and the reason to pay homage to them in these times.

“Fashion is the most fascinating way that exists to honor our ancestors”
Claudia Akel

Material Fusion

The handbags and accessories are manufactured directly by indigenous tribes with materials of their own region, natural fibers such as magüey in wick, fique, sheep’s wool, wild cotton and goat hair; they are intervened with leather, studs, stones, crystals, hand-painted silks and other materials that are fused, through the creativity of the designer, in harmony with the originality of the piece and the traces of its history.